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Walnut Oil & Wax Woodturning Finish DOC-101
Walnut Oil & Wax Woodturning Finish DOC-101


  • Unique food-safe finish
  • Microaggregated wax technology
  • Solvent Free
  • Food Safe
  • Perfect for salad bowls
  • 16 oz bottle


This finish was developed for bowls and other tableware that can be expected to get wet.  For a single step, solvent-free durable finish that brings out the grain and figure of the wood, this blend of the hardest natural wax, carnauba wax, and walnut oil is a good choice.  The “microaggregated carnauba wax particles” are the unique part of this finish. 

To avoid using solvents to make the wax behave as though it was a liquid, a process was developed to produce very, very small particles of wax, so small they are not detectable by feel in the oil.  These wax particles act very much like dissolved wax, flowing with the oil to fill surface pores.  With a single coat, the Walnut Oil and Wax Woodturning Finish can supply enough carnauba wax to the wood surface to produce a hard and protective wax finish that can be buffed to the desired degree of luster.  A soft cloth is all that is needed to restore the shine fro many years.

The Walnut Oil and Wax Woodturning Finish must be applied to the spinning work piece and friction polished to force the oil into the wood and melt the carnauba wax.  This heat activated oil-wax mix flows over the surface and hardens to a protective coat very quickly.  Additional layers of finish can be applied for a brighter shine if desired.

Type of Wax:

Carnauba wax * @


Salad bowls, serving trays, spoons, food items that will get wet

* Carnauba wax is a natural product
@  Microaggregated wax


$22.40 - $22.40 Tax Incl.

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