Friday, July 12, 2024

As much fun as I have making the Doctor’s Woodshop finishes, I do get to the lathe now and then.  Woodturning is the fastest growing segment of the woodworking hobby.  Woodturning is inexpensive (relatively) and doesn’t require a large space commitment. Although our garage hasn’t seen a car in living memory, my wife puts up with the mess because she hasn’t had to buy a gift for anyone in 10 years.  My store is always open for her.  


I enjoy making most of the common turned project but the small items such as boxes are my favorite. My boxes are hand threaded.  Thread chasing is an easy skill to learn and makes your work stand out from the crowd.  The sphere is another project I enjoy.  Nobody really knows what a honey dipper is supposed to look like but you can’t fool your fingers.  A sphere has to be correctly made and makes an excellent training project as well as just being fun to do. 


The pepper mill is a recent addition to the project list.  These are great gifts and the long curves are a great way to show off the wood.  My finishes make them look even better.  Here are a few of the items I’ve made recently.  All are finished with one of the Doctor’s Woodshop products.

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