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Walnut Finishing Oil DOC-106 16 oz or gallon
Walnut Finishing Oil DOC-106 16 oz or gallon


  • One-step food-safe finish
  • Easy application
  • Speeds sanding
  • Helps prevents heat checking from sanding
  • 16 oz bottle or gallon jug


Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut Finishing Oil is food safe and can be used two ways in the finishing process: First, it can be used as an oil finish. Brush on or dip the sanded piece into Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut Finishing Oil, drain off the excess and set the piece aside to let the oil harden. The walnut oil will be drawn into the wood and with time, exposure to air and light, harden to a durable, easily restored finish. Use of a UV light will speed up the curing process, as will raising the room temperature. Simply buff with a soft cloth or mechanical buffer and the piece is done. The satin luster finish is durable and reminiscent of older woodworking pieces when a hand rubbed oil finish was the standard. A quicker method is to apply Walnut Finishing Oil with the piece still on the lathe. Apply with a paper towel and friction polish the surface. The heat speeds the process to completion.

Second, Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut Finishing Oil can also be used as an aid in sanding. (See Sanding Lubricants in Woodturning Guides under the EXTRAS pull down menu as well as the sanding lubricant video). For both the woodturner and other woodworking applications, a few drops of Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut Finishing Oil applied to the work as it is sanded will speed up the sanding process significantly. The oil traps the sawdust and forms a sort of rubbing compound that smoothes the wood faster than the sandpaper alone. The oil acts as a lubricant reducing the heat caused by sanding. This is particularly important for work on woods prone to heat checking. Black walnut, Pacific yew, ebony, rosewood, cocobolo and the fruit woods (cherry, apple, pear, peach and plum) are particularly sensitive to heat checking during sanding. Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut Finishing Oil will help prevent the formation of these very difficult to remove fine cracks.

A sanding lubricant with every grit will speed up the sanding process and improve your results. Using a lubricant will also make shear scraping easier, sort of like shaving cream. You will get a cleaner cut with less tear out.

Gallon price is $99.

$22.40 - $22.40 Tax Incl.

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